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Helping Make Students Real-World Ready

According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, there were nearly 8.6 million STEM jobs in May 2015, representing 6.2 percent of U.S. employment. 

Computer occupations made up nearly 45 % of STEM employment, and engineers made up an additional 19 percent. Mathematical science occupations and architects, surveyors, and cartographers combined made up less than 4 percent of STEM employment.

With so many jobs in computer occupations, why are schools behind in technology education?

Most schools are stretched too thinly and find it challenging to meet existing standards while also trying to address the needs of the future. So, partner with us, to make that happen!
  • Learn how your school can lead the way in innovation and raise the profile of your school.
  • Learn about the jobs of the future, their median salaries, and how to start your students on these career paths, today.
  • Learn how to develop critical life-long learning skills and critical problem-solving skills by using coding, to teach STEM and STREAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Arts, Math).
  • Create an easy-to-implement strategy your students can use to develop patterns for independent thinking, confidence in their ability to solve problems 
  • Learn how to use the tools and technology you already have invested in to maximize your existing investment
  • Learn how to build and instill follow-through by doing fun, exciting, and challenging projects in coding and design.
  • Network with other academic professionals across the nation in a dynamic knowledge community, exchanging use and application ideas for this dynamic resource;
  • Benefit from on going research-based instructional approaches and data-driven applications of use.
Technology Vs. Computer Science

In many ways, technology is the new computer science. But really it is so much more. In a lot of ways Computer Science is stuck in the past. It is so deeply rooted in Math that it ignores the other disciplines.

The reason this is a challenge for students is that they will be prepared to do the jobs of the past. The future of technology is at the intersection of design thinking, where students are immersed in project-based learning to solve real-world problems. 

New and developing skills in coding require students to develop high level thinking skills, problem solving skills and critical thinking and applied design skills as they learn to code. 

Through our program, teachers can help their students become high-level critical thinkers and innovative problem solvers through constructive coding projects that require FOCUS, CREATIVITY, and FUNCTIONAL APPLICATION of use. And by doing so, we are helping students learn how to think. 
Take Your Students
"Beyond Point and Click"
Build measurable skills in critical thinking and problem-solving skills and prepare your students for the jobs of tomorrow.  
From Consumers To Producers
Develop Critical Thinking
Discover how design and coding can work with your curriculum to increase student success in thinking and application.
Develop Skills in Innovation
Explore ways in which our program can increase your success as a teacher in developing creative and innovative students.
A true out-of-the-box solution
We provide a unique three-pronged approach
  • Teaching Resources: Our out-of-the-box teacher resources allow you to plug our learning resources right into your classroom. Literally log in to the learning portal and put Josh up on the projector with easy-to-use and easy-to-follow videos. Full assessment and rubrics available for a full 360-degree solution.
  • Professional Development: Our professional development solution helps prepare teachers with our on-site professional development and online community for continued support. 
  • Teacher and Administrator Community: Not only can you raise the profile of your school, but you can do so while networking with your peers.
Give your students the award-winning learning experience that has helped thousands of students worldwide. 
Get clear on the best strategy to teach full-STREAM learning with our cross-discipline approach.
Anomaly Learning - The Easy, Affordable, and Effective Solution
Home License
Home Use License
Affordable subscription with no setup fee.
$16.50/month or $197 annually.

  • Printable Lessons
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  • iOS App

School Licenses
Starter Single Classroom

Affordable subscription with no setup fee.
$39/month or $475 annually.

  • Single Classroom Use
  • Printable Lessons
  • Video Lessons for In-school Use

    (student accounts for home use are available in the Gold plan).

School-wide license
Affordable subscription with no setup fee.
$149/month or $1795 annually.

  • Everything from "Bronze" Plus Bonuses Below
  • Unlimited Classroom Use
  • School-wide Unlimited Classes
  • Printable Lessons
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    (student accounts for home use are available in the Gold plan).
  • Goals and Outcomes Suggestions

school-wide license
+ Faculty Development
Affordable subscription with no setup fee.
$249/month or $2995 annually.

  • Everything from "Silver" Plus Bonuses Below
  • Online Faculty Development training with 24/7 access to our online learning hub for teachers. 
  • Teacher Learning Community Online
  • Live Weekly Office Hours with Josh and Ruth
  • Ask us Any Question (includes video recordings of each session)
  • * Add On our On-Site Professional Development
  • * Add on our on-site Professional Development Services available (see below).

Professional Development
We partner with educators to help them reach their goals.
Below are some examples of the types of professional development solutions we have and can customize for your needs. Professional development may be done on-site or online, whatever would serve you best.

Faculty Development
On-Site Training
$2,250 per day without bundling with the online training.

Bundle Discount:
$1,125 per day if purchased with a Gold plan - receive a 50% discount

Gold Package + One Day of On-Site Faculty Development:
$343/month (or $4,120 if paid annually)
  • A Review of Integrated Project-Based (IPB) Instructional Approaches
  • Providing Hands On Facilitation of Learning
  • Integrated Curriculum Planning
  • Coding as an Inclusive Instructional Tool
  • Coding and Higher Order Thinking Skills
  • Coding and Literacy Development 
  • An Integrated Approach to Academic Standards
Student, Teacher, and Administrator Testimonials
Below is what a few of our educators and students have said about our work.
Amir Moghadam, PhD. 
President/CEO, MaxKnowledge, Inc. 
Dr. Ruth Reynard initiated and managed the implementation of our Faculty Development Program at Career Education Corporation (CEC). We worked very closely with Ruth as we customized our program for CEC. Ruth's hallmark was her innovative ideas! She is very creative and is always seeking out-of-the box solutions to meet faculty development needs. We've also worked with Ruth on an international e-learning project. Ruth's expertise in online and blended learning is invaluable for any education or training program. In fact, Ruth serves as an expert faculty for MaxKnowledge, teaching an online course on "Designing and Delivering Effective Blended Instruction". She is a visionary educator with an excellent understanding of the effective use of technology in teaching and learning.

Brett Gardner, Ed.D.
Dr. Reynard was my instructor for "Diversity" in my doctoral program at TNU. Dr. Reynard is a top-notch educator--her ability to make you think critically and get "outside the box" when it comes to complex and challenging issues, such as diversity, is incredible...I experienced tremendous amounts of growth as a student in her classroom...A+ person and educator... 

Michael Brashear
Associate Director of Education, Daymar Institute 
I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Ruth Reynard for a year and a half now. She is an asset that the Daymar College group desperately needed bringing almost two decades of experience in education, with focus on design and delivery of instruction. Dr. Reynard is a pleasure to work with because she is always positive and extremely dedicated in helping the faculty develop programs and improve delivery methods in the classroom. Ruth is down to earth, easy to talk to, and leaves a pleasant impression on everyone she comes in contact with. It is her friendly and genuine concern to help instructors, which makes her a joy to spend time with. She may not realize it but, she does inspire people to be better. She does that for me. Thank you Dr. Ruth Reynard." 

Peter Cahill, PHR
During the time that I worked with Ruth, I saw that she was a passionate educator, a wonderful collaborator, and truly focused on results that impacted the student and the business. Ruth has the unique ability to always let her wonderful smile and personality keep everyone she works with on task and striving to do their best. 

Terry Dixon, Ed.D.
Provost, Columbia Southern University
I had the pleasure of working with Ruth on many projects from creating a reviewed faculty publication, to creating strategies for faculty development programs and from instructional methodologies, online and off, and training for faculty research and writing. In each instance, I found Ruth to be excellent at leading the development and teaching the trainers of programs we created together. She is a doer and can be counted on accomplishing whatever is agreed to with a minimum of assistance. Her leadership is sensitive, ethical and effective, yet directive. Excellent with faculty.
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