Free Resources
The resources below are designed for schools, teachers, and administrators. We have a library of resources based on decades of teaching and learning practices in the classroom. We have actionable strategies that will make an immediate big difference in your classroom and with your teaching and learning process. 
Free Coding for Kids Video Series
Get the FREE video series and eBook that will show you the secret tips and strategies to learn true coding. Unlock your full creative potential as you learn about the full-STREAM approach. 
Free Teacher Community
Get a full year of teaching tips and techniques for FREE that will unlock your students' full creative potential as they unlock the secrets to actual coding--beyond point and click. Unlock the power of teaching using a full-STREAM approach with our resources sent straight to your inbox each week.
Free Administrator Community
Learn how your institution can raise its profile in your community by helping students develop 21st century skills that make a big impact on the world. Get a full year of teaching tips and techniques for FREE that will help you lead and guide your faculty through the digital fog and content overload. 
Game Design for Kids
Attention Teachers and Parents of Video Gaming Kids: Do your students love to play video games? But do you wish they were doing more than that? Transform your kids from a consumers of mediocre video games into a "maker." Give them a hobby that is more fun, intellectually challenging, and develops a skill that can be used later in life. This little-known yet proven system will make you want to encourage your child to MAKE games instead of playing them!

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