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The Anomaly Learning platform teaches students how to be critical thinkers and problem solvers while developing skills in technology and coding. Our unique methodology and framework weaves together threads of thinking between the STREAM disciplines (Science, Technology, Reading, English, Arts, and Math). We do this in a way that provides teachers with a solution they can directly plug into their classroom for an immersive guided learning experience for students that provides the full spectrum of teaching through to assessment and reporting. 

We help you succeed with 21st century teaching demands. At the same time we make it super easy to implement a full technology learning program for teachers and students. We do this by implementing our full-spectrum approach that teaches coding skills to students through our online curriculum while supporting teachers with learning facilitation strategies, through our teacher development resources online and on-site.

Hi, it's Josh and Ruth!

We are so glad you stopped by. We are educational practitioners and specialists and partner with educational institutions to help bring transformational learning experiences where they matter most. 

"We help teach students to be dreamers, thinkers and doers."

Firstly, we know that teaching is hard on multiple levels. 

Getting the "light bulb" to turn on and stay on for students is not easy.

When talking with teachers, this is the type of feedback we hear from them. We commonly hear the following three themes.

​"Teaching currently is totally overwhelming and requires too much from teachers."

"We are expected to plan, report, provide and manage instruction, behavior, and classroom learning resources. "

"We are under-resourced and yet are expected to provide everything for every student in our classes."

Furthermore, there are other common challenges that make teaching and learning even more challenging. We have found these additional challenges fall into one or more of the following five categories. 

Stretched Budgets

Stretched Resources

​Rigid Academic Standards

 Tight Schedules

 Challenging Students

Finally, to make the challenges even more complex, the needs of the rapidly-changing marketplace make it a critical priority to help make our students real-world ready with marketable skills that they can plug in to a well-paying career

Take Your Students

"Beyond Point and Click"

Build measurable skills in critical thinking and problem-solving skills and prepare your students for the jobs of tomorrow.

In a recent MSN report, billionaire Mark Cuban says that creative thinking skills are vital because one million jobs are expected to disappear by 2026, and one third of U.S. workers could be jobless, all due to automation, and Elon Musk agrees. Rather than using point-and-click tools that don't teach creative thinking skills to teach coding, use our teaching system to prepare the future generation for successful full-STREAM thinking.

Our solution provides a turnkey solution for teachers that provide curriculum for students, professional development for faculty, and support for instructors. We provide the only curriculum solution that teaches the students in and out of the classroom AND supports teachers with our faculty development and live office hours, directly with the creators. 

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